The REAL Bug Juice Tea…

Apparently Starbucks is using some kind of insect-derived food additive in their coffee beverages, prompting bug juice trending on the social ‘net. That’s nothing, and we aren’t dignifying it with a link. The real story is in the brown paper bags this site’s own Aidan Abroad brings back from his Chinese Dr. Johnson You. Cicada exoskeleton tea: good for what ails you! Dr. You practices in San Francisco and maintains an office on Clement St.

2 responses to “The REAL Bug Juice Tea…

  1. I highly recommend Dr. You. You can find him on Yelp here, 25 reviews with 4.5 stars: And the bug tea isn’t half bad…cicada exoskeletons are apparently good for the voice.

  2. Hey, bug-eater. Don’t know about cicadas, but we know locusts are actually kosher. Shrimp of the desert! Yum.

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