John Amaechi is a MUCH bigger man than Kobe Bryant

John Amaechi. photo: Douglas C. Pizac/Associated Press

Author, entrepreneur and former NBA center John Amaechi made basketball history when he came out in 2007. Now he has some advice for Kobe Bryant, who is contesting a $100k fee that is being imposed on him for calling another player a faggot. Amaechi tells Bryant “you did serious damage with your outburst” and challenges him, respectfully, to acknowledge that. He writes about the gay teen boy in the Southland who plays varsity Basketball who e-mailed him: “this week he feels less safe and less positive about himself because he stared adoringly into your face as you said the word that haunts him in school every single day.” Powerful stuff. I hope Bryant listens. For the full text of Amaechi’s open letter to Bryant, click here.

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