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Big Ass Lumberjack

This big guy is the sculptural mascot of the Lumbermen’s chain of restaurants in Northern California. This one is in Willits. The view is better than the food. Competitive Timbersports on the video monitors…

Where the Big Boys eat!

He’s a lumberjack and he’s ok! Lumberjack’s restaurant in Willits, California on the Redwood Highway. Entertainment features TV screens with ongoing coverage from the wonderful world of competitive timbersports!

Competitive Timbersports! Hot Lumberjacks work the Wood.

These lumberjacks look okay to us! They can come work on our trees anytime. Timbersports is the lumberjack version of rodeo: a competitive event to show off working skills. Surprising that there seems to be no gay competitive timbersports team. After all…Timbersports!? And Lumberjacks are certainly iconic enough. Touko Laaksonen, known as Tom of Finland, certainly thought so…

Tom of Finland for Physique Quarterly

Another Giant Lumberjack on US 101

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Icons often outlast their inspirations. Lumber and fishing long since gave way to wine and weed in California’s Mendocino County. This restaurant mascot lumberjack walks roadside forever in Willits. And he’s not the only giant lumberjack on the 101: here is another.