Ubij pederima! (Kill the Fags!) Fascists attack Split Croatia Pride Celebration

“It was scary so forgive the camera shaking.” Friend of this site Anna Kirey, who was there and shot the video posted here, reports that 5 people were taken to the hospital with injuries sustained during attacks by fascists and ultra-nationalists during the 1st ever pride celebration in Split, Croatia on June 11, 2011. Attackers chanted “Ubij pederima!” and “Ubij srbina!” – “Kill the Fags!” and “Kill the Serbs!” According to first hand reports, many police stood back, laughing, and the Mayor of Split, wearing Croat fascist black, watched the action from a nearby outdoor cafe.

Kontra reports from Split: “Public gathering ended in violence. Rute of the march was not secured. Attackers were allowed to throw explosive objects, thorches, big rocks, ashtrays and other objects during the whole time of the march and on Riva where programe was supposed to be held. Facists were allowed to hold hands in facist salute and shout «Kill faggots» and «You must die» almost on the entire length of the rute. Before exit from Marmontova street to Riva it was allowed for big number of violent attackers to completely narrow down the passage for the march. They were also throwing explosives and other objects and participants of the march had to go back twice and then finally go through narrow passage. During all of this police officers were telling to participants to go through the passage, although they were constantly hit by explosives, rocks and other objects.”

Lepa Mladjenovic provides political analysis of the situation: “Croatia and Serbia are states after the long wars, and militaristic & fundamentalist religious politics vastly present .. on top of this there is a special role of the football fans in making of soldiers in the Balkan wars, they are now as well ones who are ultra nationalists, the same militarism continues with them precisely, supported with political nationalist parties and church!! thats all to understand.”

More video: From Balkan artist Rakijamala, click here and for uploads from Queer Zagreb, click here. Interested in the situation around the world? Check out ILGA: The International Lesbian and Gay Association. Kind of like the Queer United Nations.

3 responses to “Ubij pederima! (Kill the Fags!) Fascists attack Split Croatia Pride Celebration

  1. Thanks for blogging about this – this is a good reminder about why Pride is still important and relevant. (The last few times I’ve marched in the Pride parade in SF, I’ve worn shirts/pins from Prides in Eastern Europe, and march in their honor.) Much love to my brave friends in Eastern Europe who put their bodies and lives on the line in pursuit of freedom for queer people.

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