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Vitas Bumac wrestles a Violin into Submission, escapes his Cage and Shatters Glass. Smile!

It’s called Smile. Sure it is. A cold-war gumshoe dandy delivers ear-splitting wails while theatrically clutching  a violin we only hear simulated on the high end of his five-octave range. A noose swings provocatively, a caged canary escapes, glass shatters.  This one from the always strange and inventive Vitas Bumak. Nostalgia, loss, grief and rage filtered through an arch sense of cornball drama. The stuff of opera and life and good enough reason to…Smile! More Vitas here and here.

Vitas Bumac shatters Glass, sprouts Gills. Sexy Russian Pop Opera!

 Sexy Russian Pop Opera singer Vitas Bumac composes, orchestrates, designs the costuming and art-directs his videos and stage productions. The live version of this piece, complete with a hooded orchestra, can be found here.