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Humboldt Stickers

Stickers seen in the window of a surf shop in Garberville, in south Humboldt County in Northern California. Together with Trinity and Mendocino counties, the region is known as “the Emerald Triangle” after the crop that has replaced logging and fishing as the main industries.

Here comes Captain Cupcake! …and other Humboldt sights.

A trip up the coast to eat fish yields some sights from the Seascape Restaurant in Trinidad, California’s smallest incorporated city with a population of about 300. The tiny town hosts the Trinidad to Clam Beach Run in February and the Fish Festival in June. It is also home to Humboldt State University’s Fred Telonicher Marine Laboratory. Humboldt County has six other incorporated cities, about 60 unincorporated communities, and about 75 ghost towns…from Acorn to Wilder.

Here Comes Captain Cupcake - from the Eureka Times-Standard

Trinidad Head

Skater in Hoodie out the Window of the Seascape Fish Restaurant

Seascape Fish Restaurant Trinidad California

Caps in Red Booth

Seascape Fish Restaurant Wait Staff

Coffee Sugar Chrome and Gold

Carson Mansion in Eureka - Now a Mens' Club