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Get my Money Back! New from Cazwell.

Lots of cute half-naked boys dancing in cages, eating bananas and wearing fuzzy monkey hipster hats. Is that fetish wear? Hard to tell. Watch out for the rapidly expanding pocket monkeys. Ouch! The latest by gay dance phenom Cazwell and his dancers. More of his tasty flesh and flash here.

Nutritious and Delicious! “Ice Cream Truck” by Cazwell

Ice Cream Truck written and produced by Cazwell and Chris Bracco, directed by Marco Ovando. Available from Peace Bisquit. Dancers: Avi Vichner, Alex Maravilla, Jimmy Gonzales. Cesar Abreu. Joe Buffa, Johnny Sanford, Eddie Barrena, John Byrne, Geronimo Frias. Make up by Yadim Caranza and icki.