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Wanker’s Country Store

Want me to pick anything up for you at Wanker’s, honey? This is a real sign – seen in West Linn, OR. My local friend says the Wanker family has lived there for years, and the locals didn’t think it was nearly as funny or remarkable as we did.


Bear bus

Seen in Ashland, OR.


Oregon Blackberries

It’s still pretty early in the berry season, but we managed to pick a hatful from the bushes that were bearing early fruit. Fresh-picked Oregon berries are one of the most delicious foods in the world…still warm from the sun, they melt in your mouth (hopefully not your hat). Rogue River Valley, Southern Oregon.


Rogue River, Southern Oregon

Picture taken while wading in the beautiful, clear waters of the Rogue River in Southern Oregon.


Table Bluff, OR

Seen from Highway 5, heading north.