Mayor of Folsom Street launches at Center for Sex and Culture


Daddy Alan Selby. It’s been nearly a decade since we lost him. At that time, he was working on his autobiography, titled “The Mayor of Folsom Street.” In memorium, this year, that book will finally be published. It’s planned release is December, 2014. On June 6th, an exhibit based of materials from his archive will open at the Center for Sex and Culture in San Francisco. In 2015, the archive will move to Chicago, to The Leather Archive and Museum. On Sunday, March 2nd, the project will launch at CSC. A small, informal fundraiser from 5 to 8 pm will feature a short reading from the book, a sneak peak at the exhibit, a silent auction, an open mic of speakers and the launch of the Mayor of Folsom St t-shirt fundraising campaign.

2 responses to “Mayor of Folsom Street launches at Center for Sex and Culture

  1. I think it’s amazing that this is finally happening. As a true, close friend, who was with him a lot at the end, I was actually saddened to see what appeared to be a forgotten iconic man. I often tried to inquire as to the whereabouts of his “personal items”, community awards, leather etc. No one really quite knew.

    I am also glad to see there are going to be “events” around this. I hope the planners of future events pay close attention to community calendars. The March date is the same as the Leather Alliance Weekend, Mr.SF Leather Contest, with associated events running up and including 6 PM on that Sunday.

    Who, is, exactly behind this “project”???? Keeper of the achival materials, publishing the book, etc???

    • Hi, Ray.
      Jordy Jones here. Answering your last paragraph first. I’m curating the CSCS exhibit and writing his “autobiography.” I’m hoping that his friends, of which there are so many, will be active in honoring him during 2014 – his 10 year Jahrzeit – by spearheading other events. In 2015 the archive goes to Chicago.
      Best as All Ways, DrJ2

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