Strange Leftovers: Dead Straight Bro’s Throw-Away Cum Rag…

“Get it off after getting it off” – so reads the slogan. Market that thing! Among the oddities of my heterosexual brother’s recent worldly remains: a throw-away cum rag, intended (as the publicity stresses) to clean up love’s messy moments…huh…heir to a personal wipe. Ok. His license plate read G.M.S.H. That didn’t stand for “Green Miata So Hot” – which is what he told the DMV. No, it meant “Give Me Some Head.”

He was Fred and now he’s dead. From a character to a case number just like that…cremation number 39342. Conveniently packaged for easy transportation. Resting in pieces. Goodbye, my brother.


3 responses to “Strange Leftovers: Dead Straight Bro’s Throw-Away Cum Rag…

  1. I believe the cum rag was a giveaway from the hip L.A. radio station he worked for. He took great joy from handing them to people and waiting for thier akward response (feighning innocense of the faux pax). “Aren’t these great?” R.I.P. Phred. We will miss your strange ways.

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