Huge Victory at the UN: ILGA Gets ECOSOC Status Back!

Congratulations to ILGA, the International lesbian and Gay Association. They were the first LGBT group to gain ECOSOC (UN Economic & Social Council) consultative status from the United Nations in 1993. They lost it in 1994. When I was there in 2006, only one openly LGBT had ECOSOC status. Going there as ILGA members, we had to enter under the auspices of another organization.

Today, a major victory. Check out the details, and a list of which countries supported and opposed the vote here.

Attached photo is taken from ILGA’s website: “Patricia Curzi, UN-ILGA liaison officer, Renato Sabbadini, Co-Secretary general of ILGA and Pedro Paradiso Sottile, Regional Secretary for ILGA-LAC at the United Nations in Geneva.”

Congrats to all who lobbied tirelessly for years to make this happen!



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