New York Times article: “My Ex-Gay Friend”

photo credit: NY Times

In this article, a New York Times journalist travels to Wyoming to visit a former colleague, Michael Glatze – a young man who had been an activist and advocate for queer youth, a scholar of queer theory, and the editor of XY, a defunct magazine for young gay men. Now, Michael is an ex-gay attending a Bible college in Wyoming.

(Here is another blog post about his history as an ex-gay activist. And here is one that reveals strange racist comments that Glatze made against President Obama. And here is Joe My God’s coverage of Glatze.)

This article provides insight into Glatze’s strange transformation, and includes an insightful interview  with his former partner of 10 years, Ben. Ben is quoted as saying,

“A radical queer activist and a fundamentalist Christian aren’t always as different as they might seem.”

Questions about Glatze’s future and how long this former role model for young queers turned ex-gay will remain in his current fundamentalist Christian heterosexual lifestyle remain unanswered. His ex maintains that Glatze’s legacy as a queer activist still remains:

“He devoted a decade of his life to helping gay youth, and the work he did saved lives,” he told me. “What he claims to believe now doesn’t take that away.”

Check it out – worth reading.


One response to “New York Times article: “My Ex-Gay Friend”

  1. I read the article very interesting. I do wonder if LGBT creates a situation of over identification with sexual preference to the point that other aspects of identity are put in the background. If one is Gay they are seen as Gay first and foremost and then we see they are artists, scientists, therapists, etc. I am bisexual and currently in a relationship with a bi woman and I think both of us identified with our careers and interests but recently I got cut up in the political end of it, angered by discrimination issues, misperceptions etc. And what immediately happened was this becomes the focus of identity until I took a chill pill. Yes LGBT need to do things to change things but anyone queer needs to realize they are “themselves” first and “queer” is only a part of that. Afterall “straight” is allowed that luxury (but Straight is really not that straight)

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