The Conservative Case for Gay Marriage

I’ve been saying for a long time that gay marriage is actually a conservative cause… Here is an article by Herbert Hoover’s great-granddaughter Margaret Hoover that argues the same thing: “The conservative case for gay marriage: GOP is not the party of intolerance.”

This article was written in the context of the current fight for same-sex marriage in New York State. She writes, in part:

“Conservatives are right to value marriage as the world’s most powerful social institution. The marital bond provides a nongovernmental social safety net, whereby individuals care for one another and anchor civil society in self-sufficiency.

“But to deny one class of citizens the freedom to marry based on their sexual orientation is discriminatory – anathema to the great tradition of freedom and equal opportunity upon which the Republican Party was founded. Civil unions are an inadequate substitute. We’ve seen in America that separate is never equal.

“Limited-government conservatives believe in maximum individual freedom consistent with law and order. We do not believe that the state should have the power to confer rights upon some law-abiding citizens while discriminating against others.

“Nor should the government be in the business of telling churches, synagogues or mosques whom they can and cannot marry. That’s why the bill in New York includes protections for religious liberties that ensure no religious leader or institution will have to solemnize marriages for same-sex couples.”

Worth reading – check it out.


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