Eric Robinson’s Leathermen

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Friend of this site Eric Robinson recently participated in Variations, a photography exhibit curated by Tommy Reyes of Las Manos Gallery in Chicago. Robinson is an antique process photographer. He works in wet plate collodion processes, producing one of a kind plates on glass, as well as tintypes and other antique photo technologies. In the summer of 2010, he visited San Francisco and Northern California where he produced Leathermen, the series that premiered in Chicago.

P. Raleigh of The Chicago Reader reviewed the exhibit: “Eric is able to present a quality of tenderness and everyday specialness not commonly attributed to such sexual “deviancy” by the mainstream audience. Eric will be a photographer to watch out for in the future…”

Robinson will be returning to California during the summer of 2011. More on him here, here and here. And more soon.

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