Justin Bond in the New Yorker. Fabulous Pixels and Ink! Plus…vintage Kiki and Herb.

At Joe's Pub

Friend of this site Mx. Justin V. Bond is featured in this week’s New Yorker magazine. Congratulations, Justin!

In “Justin Bond performs his life and ours”, theater critic Hilton Als runs through a history of Mx. Bond’s early history, focusing on the “Kiki and Herb” days, and reviews the current show at Joe’s Pub, before summing things up: “Bond’s message: we must celebrate diversity, or die.” Good words for today – or any day. New Yorker requires a subscription to read full articles on-line, but you can see an abstract of the article here.

In celebration of the past, enjoy this classic Kiki and Herb video of their vintage rendition of Total Eclipse of the Heart. Beautifully produced and directed by Victoria Leacok. For recent work, there is the very biting New Depression. A live version. And in anticipation of the future, check out Bond’s site. It’s been a ride. And it’s not over yet. Hang on tight!

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