Pulling Ourselves Up by each Others’ Boot Straps: Support Stompers

We do like our Boots. We also really like our small, gay community businesses. This economy is rough on both. This season, consider a gift certificate from Stompers Boots. This staple of the San Francisco Leather scene is as much a community center as a business, as famous for their Dore and Folsom fair BBQs as for their spectacular inventory of boots. Jack Nojazzhands has posted an appealing plea on YouTube.

5 responses to “Pulling Ourselves Up by each Others’ Boot Straps: Support Stompers

  1. Thanks for posting this. I don’t have cash for boots, but I’ll go over and buy a few pairs of boot socks. Stompers rocks, and definitely deserves our support.

  2. I’m wearing my Stompers boots in the little picture/icon thing next to my comment, by the way…it’s in the Gibson Desert, one of the harshest parts of the Australian outback, and they held up great. Quality boots. 🙂

  3. Great picture! Great desert. Stompers only stocks quality.

  4. oh, I went to a garden party...

    in my trusty Wescos from Stompers, from their booth @ IML the first year I attended. that was ten years ago; best investment I ever made for my feet. or my fetishes, really…

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