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Happy Sexy Cinco de Mayo!

The Legacy, the Legacy, don’t forget the Legacy: Justin Bond’s New Depression.

A good counterpoint to the feel-good Bush love-fest splashing across the media grid in response to the launch of his biography. As Kiki of the notorious Kiki and Herb, Justin Bond tore into the media-fed adulation that erupted at the passing of former president Reagan. “The legacy, the legacy…” s/he snarled while recounting his long silence during the devastating peak years of the AIDS crisis. “That’s the legacy, Ladies and Gentlemen!” Bond has shed the Kiki persona for now, but the fierce political wit that has long infused his performances remains strong as ever.

Enjoy the Bush book. I suggest reading it by candlelight with a little cat-food pate and a juice-box. You can sit on a milk crate. Of course, you won’t find these things at your local market because it went out of business. But you can get them all at Walmart along with a wave from the elderly social security recipient who really needs that greeter job…to buy that cat food, those juice boxes and that book. It is the New Depression after all. And it is FUN, dammit!

Don’t forget the legacy…

Justin Bond blesses the beasts…and the children.

San Francisco impresario Marc Huestis has posted a video clip from Justin Bond’s “Close to You” show at the Castro Theatre. Justin dedicates his cover of “Bless the Beasts and the Children” to Lawrence King, the 15 year-old gay Jr. High School student who was shot and killed by a 14 year-old classmate in Oxnard, California.