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Mid-century Japanese Batman Squirt-gun takes it up the Ass

Via a Toronto-based friend of this site who found it at the Batman-themed blog Batmania. This strange toy is circa 1966 and of Japanese manufacture. This husky bear of a Bat is a squirt-gun. The reservoir is accessed through a … Continue reading

Hey, Yoo! Great Korean Neo-Pop Public Art: Spider-Man with Morning Wood!

Artist Eunsuk Yoo recently removed his sculptural installation of Spider-man sporting a clearly visible erection. His other choice was to modify it, which he chose not to do. He explained his impetus for making the scandalous piece of art: “I … Continue reading

Super Spider Shelf Men…

Spider-Man and Superman: They do whatever super-spider shelf men can! Sight seen in a truck stop gift shop. For a strange mid-century Japanese Batman who takes it up the butt, click here.