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Want to see Jeremy Novy’s Beef Noodle?!

Novy’s cool take-off of a Warhol soup can is on display with a lot of his other stencil work at Tough Love. They are scattered throughout the show here and there: a nod to the furtive nature of street art. … Continue reading

Cool New Novy Boots at Tough Love and…

Groovy new Novy Boots down Grace Alley off Mission in SF. What other new Novys are cumming this weekend? Watch for them…yum! Some around the corner from Tough Love. Hmmm…

Beautiful Novy Nishikigoi dress the Porn Set…NSFW!

Hot Bear poses for still shots on the set at San Francisco’s Lone Star Saloon. Leans on the pool table. Koi Pool! Cool and Controversial Stencil Artist Jeremy Novy has been installing them all over town…and beyond. More on that … Continue reading

Do You Give a Flying Flock?

Series by JoJo Mendoco Opening Reception July 5th, 2013. 7 – 10pm Closing Reception: August 30, 2013. 7 – 10pm At The Center for Sex and Culture, 1349 Mission Street, San Francisco, California. In the exhibit “Doing Your Dirty Work: … Continue reading

It Came from Outside…sneak preview!

Preview shot of It Came from Outside! At Big Umbrella Studios in San Francisco. Good art, good cause, good grief! Curated by resident coy bad boy koi artist and queer street art historian Jeremy Novy.

It came from Outside! And now it’s under the Big Umbrella…

It came from Outside! – is an art show and sale benefitting an after school program dedicated to teaching urban renewal through mural and graffiti projects. Curated by Jeremy Novy, this exhibit of street art and more opens Friday, September … Continue reading

Hump(ing) Make Art…

Sign seen in the back patio of the Lone Star Saloon on Harrison in San Francisco. Three stickers complete the modification. Hump becomes humping, of course. Two little mens room guys hang in the capital P. Yes…in the pee. And … Continue reading


Cumming in September, 2012! Tough Love: A Half-Century of Masculine Homoerotic Imagery from the San Francisco Bay Area. Artists include Chuck Arnett, David Barnard, Dan Becker, Biron, Brucius, Rene Capote, Mike Caffee, Mark I. Chester, Jok Church, Cricket, Horea de … Continue reading

‘Burban Street Art. Really!

Suburban, that is! For Bourbon St. And boys showing their dicks for beads click here. These Novy boots are knocking sox outside The World Famous Turf Club, Hayward’s Gay bar, one of the oldest in the SF Bay Area. Post … Continue reading

Saint Sebastian of the Sunroom…

Novy makes Art…and he don’t stop!